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SHO-ME SIREN WITH REMOTE MINI-CONTROLLER. One-Touch push-button switch control full-bodied Wail, Yelp, Warble, Whoop and Hi-Lo sounds. Momentary push-button switches control manual function and full-bodied Air Horn and Phaser sounds. Compact min-controller mounts in tight spaces or can be hand-held. Flat surface button switches. Led lights illuminate each siwtch and highlight selected function. Controller connects to amplifier with plug-in attachment cable. Amplifier powers one 100 watt RMS speaker with 11 ohm impedence (speaker sold separately). Solid state electrical components. Engineered to withstand reverse polarity and high-voltage spikes. Amplifier dimensions: 2 3/8"H x 4 3/8"W x 5 3/8"L. Mini-controller measures: 1-13/16"H x 3-1/8"W x 1/2"D. 2 year factory warranty. Installation instructions included. Made in USA. Sold to authorized personnel only - please check local and state laws. 


Siren Tones: Click to hear tones

    Wail   Yelp   Phaser   Air Horn   Hi-Lo    Warble   Whoop


SKU: 31.2515
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