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Sho-Me®  Sho-Off Compact Mini Light Bars

  • Measuring only slightly larger than a sheet of copy paper, this powerful mini bar is useful in places where space is at a premium or where multiple lights are desired.
  • SHO-OFF® LED modules with six 3W LEDs apiece (24 total) in plug-in or hardwire models.
  • Perfectly sized for motorcycles, ATVs, forklifts, and golf carts as well as utility, fire, security and mail delivery vehicles.
  • Models with SHO-OFF® LEDs have an internal flasher with fifteen selectable patterns.
  • Customize your mini bar with energy-efficient LEDs available in amber, blue, green, red and white with clear lens.  Contact us for multi-color configuration.
  • The heavy-duty extruded aluminum base provides a rigid structure that won't warp or bend; plus a clear anodized coating covers the aluminum to inhibit corrosion.
  • A UV-resistant dome with gasket protects the LEDs and electronics from dust and debris. The aerodynamic, low-profile design improves fuel efficiency and saves money.
  • Plug-in models measure 3" H x 9-1/8" W x 10-3/4" L. They have a 15' straight power cord with a fused adapter plug with POWER & MODE switches, and four 60 lb-pull magnets.
  • Hardwire models measure 2-3/4" H x 9-1/8" W x 10-3/4" L. They come with a 15' power cable and mounting hardware. (Switch not included.)
  • 12V standard, also available in 24V upon request.
  • 2 year factory warranty.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Sold only to authorized personnel - check local and state laws.

Factory drop-ship, allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.


12.1304.000-Permanent mount 

12.1304.008-Magnetic mount.

Flash Patterns:

  1. Alternating Halves - Quad Flash
  2. Alternating Halves - 120 FPM
  3.  Alternating Halves - 240 FPM
  4. Alternating Opposite Corners - Single Flash
  5. Alternating Opposite Corners - 120 FPM
  6. Alternating Opposite Corners - 240 FPM
  7. Alternating Halves - Double Flash
  8. Alternating Opposite Corners - Double Flash
  9. Alternating Halves - Quad - ON
  10. Alternating Halves - Double - ON
  11. Alternating Opposite Corners - Quad - ON
  12. Alternating Opposite Corners - Double - ON
  13. Alternating Halves - MEGA
  14. Alternating Opposite Corners - MEGA
  15. Random


SHO-ME® Sho-Off® Compact LED Mini Bar

SKU: 12.1304
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