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SHO-ME 12.1224 LUMINATOR LED MINI-BAR, Magnetic or Permanent mount. Exceptionally bright light from 24 LEDs with total internal reflection (TIR) optics command attention in hazardous situations. Diffusing lenses on 18 of the 24 LEDs horizontally disperse each flash in a wide-angle pattern providing 360 degree of visible light. 12 user-selectable flash patterns. Voltage: 12 Vdc, 6 amp max. Clear lens - LED Colors available: amber, blue, red, white or combinations (see below), permanent or magnetic mount - specify. Dimensions: Permanent Mount -2.25"H x 17.25"W x 9.125"D - includes a 2 ft. power cable and mounting hardware (switch not included). Magnetic mount - 3.25"H x 17.25"W x 9.125"D - includes a 12 ft. straight power cord, fused cigarette lighter plug with power and flasher mode switches and four 90 lb.-pull magnets. 2-year factory warranty. 7-10 day delivery time. Made in USA. Sold to authorized personnel only - please check local and state laws.


SKU: 12.1224.00
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