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SHO-ME LOW-PROFILE LED LIGHTBAR. This bright stretch led lightbar gives your vehicle 360 degree light output. Available sizes: 37", 47", 57". Voltage: 12 vdc. Has 12 self-contained selectable flash patterns with user supplied switch. 15 ft. hardwire cable. Permanent mount. Includes mounting hardware and instructions. Clear Lexan lens. LED Colors: amber, blue, green, red, white or combinations. Optional alley lights  and take-down lights are available. CONTACT US FOR COLOR CONFIGURATION. 2 year factory warranty. Allow 2-4 shipping from factory. Made in USA. Sold to authorized personnel only - please check local and state laws.

Models:        Amp        LEDs           Dimensions

11.1237     3.5 Max     672     4" H x 9-1/8" W x 37" L
11.1247     4.4 Max     840     4" H x 9-1/8" W x 47" L
11.1257     5.3 Max     1008     4" H x 9-1/8" W x 57" L


SKU: 11.1200.00
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