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SHO-ME LED RECHARGEABLE FLOOD LIGHT. 25+ hours continuous run time on a fully charged battery. Whiter, brighter light from 34 LED's positioned in metalized reflective chambers. 100,000 hour bulb life. Two year warranty. 90% will still be operating in 10 years. Maintenance free LED's array projects a wide pattern light. Multi-position adjustable base has positive-locking ratchets that maintain the desired angle of light for hands-free operation. Low amp draw prohibits deep discharge and conserves battery life. Recyclable 6 volt, 4.5 amp/hour, sealed, lead-acid battery can be recharged 100 - 500 times depending on depth of discharge. Built-in overcharge protection and battery condition lights. Neoprene-booted weather-proof toggle switch. Contoured sure-grip handle accommodates large hands. Quick-release charging base is available in three styles (select below): AC charger - mounts on wall, plugs into 110 volt outlet, DC plug-in charger - mounts on vehicle, plugs into accessory outlet, DC hardwire charger mounts in trunk, storage compartment, connects to vehicle wiring-please specify. Colors: Lime-Green, Red or Yellow. Measures: 5-1/8" diameter x 9"L. Made in USA


SKU: 09.34LED
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