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  • The LED ESL X-TRA is the simple solution to the need for both a warning light and a scene light.
  • Dual-color CREE® LEDs allow users to switch between a white scene light that fully extends across the housing face, and a warning light with split arrays of different colors.
  • The dual-color LEDs emit white and one alternate color: either amber or red.
  • An external, three-output flasher enables uniquely eye-catching patterns for both the scene light and warning light functions.
  • The scene light can be steady-burning, double flash fast, or flash in a 1-2 ratio with the warning light.
  • The warning light can quad flash fast or flash in a 2-1 ratio with the scene light.
  • Spot reflectors on the LEDs in the center of the light provide intense, concentrated light.
  • Flood reflectors on the LEDs in both end sections of the light cast a widespread glow.
  • Weather- and vibration-resistant electronics allow use in exterior or interior applications.
  • The heavy-duty, black, cast-aluminum-alloy housings have clear lens covers that protect LEDS from dust and debris.
  • Lights measure 5" tall and 3-1/2" deep with length of 34-1/2" (includes brackets).
  • Ratcheted brackets permit vertical adjustment of the light face.
  • Includes a Model 10.3003 flasher, mounting kit and power cable.
  • Switch sold separately.
  • Imported.
  • 1 year factory warranty.


SKU: 10.5180
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