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* Measuring only 1-3/8”H x 1-1/2”D x 25”L.

* Create custom LED arrays with up to five different colors. Each BTI light has your choice of amber, blue, green, red or white LEDs.

* Has a seven pattern internal flasher and comes with a 10 ft. cord for permanent installation. An optional adapter plug is also available.

* L brackets are included with every light, A variety of other mounting brackets are sold separately.

* The rugged aluminum housing has T-slot mounting channels on two sides to simplify installation. A clear lens cover protects LEDs from dust and debris.

* Other length sizes are available.

* Optional waterproofing permits installation in wet conditions.

* 12 V / 2 year factory warranty.

* Amps - 0.04A/in.

* Made in U.S.A.



SKU: 11.8325F
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