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The SC-6 Universal Gunlock is the product of years of constantly searching for better ways to secure any firearm in any emergency response vehicle. Thanks to its patented design, the SC-6 can secure nearly any long gun in the same gun rack. A thick, stainless steel arm ratchets down to a spot you pick on the weapon and holds it in a strongbox of stainless steel plates and rivets. Your firearm, though, will only touch soft rubber. This adjustability in locking diameter, combined with the SC-6’s ability to slide and lock into any position along the 18″ to 36″ mounting bar(not included), allows officers to quickly configure their gun racks to precisely fit the weapon they are looking to secure. Has handcuff key lock (cuff key not included). Made in USA.


  • Universal Gunlock head.
  • Minimum locking diameter: 1.40 inches
  • Maximum locking diameter: 3.11 inches
  • Next generation solenoid cannot be opened with a 9V battery.
  • Anti-shim star wheel block attempts at "shimming" the lock.
  • An electric pushbutton and hardware are shipped with the lock as part of the install kit.
  • The two ways to open the lock (electric or key) work independently from each other.
  • Dimensions: 6.80" high (max) x 4.56" wide x 1.35" thick.

Compatible with most models of shotguns and rifles.


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