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FENIEX TYPHOON FULL FUNCTION 100 WATT SIREN.  This full function controller and siren is an all-in-one solution. The controller has 6 programmable buttons to pair with any emergency vehicle lights. With 21 police and fire tones, integrated wig-wag, horn ring, park kill and radio rebroadcast functionality. Comes equipped with a microphone and mount brackets and hardware. The controller has a rotary dial to easily switch between your favorite siren tones.  100 Watt speaker can be purchased separately. Factory drop ship, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Sold to authorized personnel only - please check local and state laws.


  • 21 Programmable Siren Tones (see below)
  • 100 Watt siren
  • 6 Auxiliary outputs (3.5A)
  • LED backlit buttons
  • Volume control
  • Microphone included
  • Integrated relay in siren
  • 6 Programmable momentary or on/off buttons
  • Integrated 2 output wigway capability
  • 7 Position rotary dial for siren tones
  • Certifications SAE J1849, SAE J1113-1
  • Horn ring, park kill, radio rebroadcast capabilities
  • Legend sheet included - put on buttons
  • Rugged metal housing
  • Certifications: SAE J1849, SAE J1119
  • Dimensions: 7.4"L x 4-84"W x 2.53"H
  • Controller: 6.77"L x 2.43"W x 1.21"H
  • Mic Cable Length: 15 feet
  • Max current draw: 20A
  • 2 Year factory warranty
  • Installation manual

Siren Tones:

  • Wail
  • Yelp
  • Fast Yelp
  • Phaser
  • Horn
  • Mechanical Q
  • Manual Wail
  • High/Low
  • Power Call Slow
  • Power Call Fast
  • Horn-Phaser
  • Horn-Yelp
  • Phaser-Yelp


Audio Tone:

  • Ecto siren
  • Bad Boys - song
  • Move Out of the Way - voice command
  • Pull Over - voice command
  • Step Out of your Vehicle - voice command
  • Step Out Hands Up - voice command
  • Remain in Your Vehicle - voice command
  • Remain in Vehicle Window Down - voice command


SKU: C-4017
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