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Feniex’s patented Quantum® 2.0 Series offers 5-color capable technology and is available in 6
progressive Unlock Levels: Amber, Single, Dual, Tri, Quad, and Quint. For a minimal unlock fee, all
Feniex Quantum 2.0 products can be unlocked to any desired Unlock Level, providing unrivaled
customization to meet your exact needs without breaking the bank. Feniex's Quantum 2.0 Series is now capable of 5 vivid colors: Blue, Red, Amber, White, and Green.
Quantum 2.0 is fully programmable and comes equipped with with every major color in emergency and warning lighting straight from the box, making stocking and inventory management easier than ever before. Each Quantum 2.0 product comes with Unlock Quantum Software to make programming your product easy and user friendly with detailed walkthrough videos available on Feniex University. You can trust Feniex Quantum 2.0 to provide precise, powerful, and reliable illumination to light your way. For more information on how Quantum 2.0 technology can work for your vehicle, visit:
Quantum 2.0 FEATURES:
● Available in Single, Dual, Tri, Quad, Quint, and Amber Unlock Levels
● Blue, Red, Amber, White, and Green colors selectable per light module
● Computer programmable with Unlock Quantum Software
● 28 programmable inputs with optional converter
● 10 programmable inputs standard with each device
● Over 20 programmable flash patterns
● 60 degree wide optical light spread
● Integrated takedown, alley and flood function
● Integrated front and rear flashing functions
● Integrated DOT stop-turn-tail functions
● Integrated arrow directional functions
● Integrated dim and cut off functions
● Integrated cruise and park function
● Meets all SAE, CT13, KKK, NFPA, ECE R65 requirements
● Available in 20+ vehicle makes & models
● Aluminum housing provides structural reinforcement
● Current Draw: 10 Amps
● Cable Length: 10 Feet
● LED Count: 192 LEDs
● Input Voltage: 10-18 Volts DC
● Dim: 1” H x 2.25" W x 37.46" L
● 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty
● Made In The USA: Austin, TX

Factory drop ship - allow 2-4 weeks for delivery


SKU: QT-1419
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