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Introducing the Feniex Q Series, the first 5-color, smart perimeter light. Engineered with precision and innovation, this cutting-edge surface mount light offers a spectrum of colors including Blue, Red, Amber, White, and Green, empowering you to command attention and enhance safety in any situation. The Feniex Q Series is built with state-of-the-art smart modules compatible with any 12v switch or controller, syncs with all Feniex smart modules using 3-mode technology, and boasts bright 60-degree optics for exceptional visibility. Crafted to meet the rigorous demands of emergency responders, utility vehicles, and beyond, the Feniex Q Series boasts exceptional brightness and clarity, ensuring your presence is unmistakably visible even in the most challenging conditions. With multiple color options at your fingertips, you can tailor your lighting configuration to suit your specific requirements, whether it's signaling urgency, directing traffic, or illuminating work zones with precision. Sold to authorized personnel only - check local and state laws.


Current Draw: 1 Amp Cable Length: 1 Foot LED Count: 27 LEDs Input Voltage: 10-18VDC Dim: 5.25" x 0.88" x 1.17" 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty Made in the USA: Austin, TX.

Product Details:

3 User Programmable Modes 14 User Programmable Flash Patterns Blue, Red, Amber, White and Green colors in each module Syncs with all Quad, Lux and Q Series products Flood, Cruise, and Stop, Tail, Turn pattern capable Clear-coated polycarbonate lens prevents cracking & yellowing 7 Available bracket options to choose from Color lock mode available during installation Waterproof & IP67 rated for protection against elements 60-degree optical light spread for off-axis visibility SAE, CT13, KKK, NFPA, ECE R65 Class 1 Certified.


SKU: QQSM-8101
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