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The unique all-in-one system combines a built-in siren, amplifier and speaker within a single unit, can be a supplement to your existing siren system. One-piece design produces the same 115 decibels. This is the latest in low-frequency technology, the Hammer takes existing tones and replays them through a low frequency (rather than synchronizing with existing siren tones). The result is powerfully clear and consistent dual-frequency outputs. Compatible with every siren on the market. 2 programmable modes and 7 tones. Mount on any vehicle with included universal bracket. 4 optional brackets available for custom mounts. Easy installation with 8-pin wire harness. Park Kill: Siren will automatically disable when the vehicle is parked.  Made in the USA. Factory drop ship, please allow 2-4 weeks delivery. Sold to authorized personnel only -please check local and state laws.

System Specifications:

  • Output - 100 Watt
  • IP Rating - IP67
  • Frequency Response - 182-1000Hz
  • Decibals - 115dB
  • Fuse - Onboard fuse
  • Weight - 7.5 lbs.
  • Current Draw - 8.5 amps
  • Tones - 7 siren tones
  • Dimensions: 10.59"L x 10.43"W x 13.75"H
  • 2 Year factory warranty

Siren Tones:

  • Phaser - Mode 1 default
  • Slow Yelp - Mode 2 default
  • PCall Slow
  • Wail
  • Mechanical
  • Hi-Lo
  • Hammer Tone


SKU: S-3017
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